Rosie & Bailey: About - Origin Stories

Being outside just rocks.

Here at Rosie & Bailey, we're firm believers that adventure is on your doorstep, whether it's 3,000 miles away or just in your backyard. And having partaken in many of those adventures (rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, black bear-wrangling), we know how important it is to have quality gear and products you can rely on. But when it comes to price, the big wigs don't always make that easy. That's where we come in.

Founded in 2016, Rosie & Bailey is an outdoor gear company dedicated to getting people outside. Without worrying so much about the price tag, you can get out onto the trails and do what you were really meant to do: get completely chewed up by mosquitoes. And love every minute of it.

Steve sure thinks so, anyway.

That's why he founded Rosie & Bailey in the first place. After earning an environmental science degree in 2007 and traveling lands as mystical as Isengard, he blended his passions for nature and entrepreneurship to do so in the marvelous year of 2016. Though he was born in Canada, he currently resides in Ireland, working every day to bring you new, excellent quality, affordable products.

We're here to listen.

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